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Comte de Sibour with its SIBOUR trademark is a distributor of wines, beers, spirits, ciders, sangria and other beverages in Thailand. Its main markets are restaurants, concept bars, hotels, and as well as direct selling to individuals. Its core mission is to bring ORIGINALITY and QUALITY to consumers through a healthy mix of hard-to-find specialty items, good value wines, boutique vineyards and up-and-coming brands and concepts. We pride ourselves in bringing novelty to the vibrant food & beverage scene in Thailand without losing traditional yet timeless notions of craftsmanship and intrinsic value.

We believe in brands when they are true and historic, in good value wines when quality rather than only price is driving the tandem, in organic wines when they are remembered for their taste, in iconic beers by iconic crafter when the product fits its ad, in crafted spirits and the value of time and patience of its maker who counts in generations. We believe in true unaltered products. We believe in true, open and therefore long-term relation with partners. We believe in WINE INTEGRITY.

If you look around on our imaginary shelves, you will see amongst our more than 250 products:

• French boutique wines from major as well as lesser known appellations
• Jean-Luc Colombo wines from the Rhone Valley “winemaking wizard”
• Castarede, the oldest Armagnac maker
• INEDIT beer designed by Ferran Adria of El Bulli, the world’s best restaurant
• Waterkloof organic wines from South Africa
• Champagne Jose Michel, an excellent family-owned champagne house
• Rum Dillon, rhum Agricole AOC Martinique
• Xoriguer Gin, a remnant of the long British presence in Menorca
• Rapatel, organic & natural winemaker
• And many other original products...

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